5th July – Rehearsal

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Beth: I drank a whole five marajuana one time.

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Pete: Oh! a cup! Now I don’t have to bring out the whole bottle!

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Connor: I’m not logged in on bigoldjewishwhore.com

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Connor: I’m not surprised by cups anymore

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Pete: Oh shit! She’s got me! I am a bee!

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Pete: We’re friends but I won’t let my boyfriend dress as a horse to titilate you!

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Rohan: Listen, land mammal!
Pete: hes not a land mammal! Hes a flightless bird!

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Pete: be kind to her. be really kind to her, in any orafice

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Kate: He studies Biology and Religion! Let him throw a lettuce on Christ!
Dan: Yeah… studying his height in footlongs. He’s 5 hearty italians long, can’t be him.


Dan: I can’t come out, I’m touching ham!